Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A passionate prison

You came my way that day,
and In your crazy confidence did confide,
how mad and sad your life had been without me by your side.

You demanded that destiny did display,
our love was for forever, and forever it would stay.
Shaking head and crying eyes my words did try to sway,
but your steadfast arrogance, wouldn't hear a
word that I'd say.

I was in a prison, the walls were in my mind.
Your arms were the jailers, and the keys
I couldn't find.

Your lunacy had infected me,
your madness my new sanity. Your mind as warped
as mind could be, your love pale and ghastly gone,
my spirit now my only song.

So I stayed inside this coffin, drowned in defeat.
Your passion is only pleasing, when It's poisoned
by deceit. I let my mind wander away from here,
so It can at last be free. but when I look into the mirror,
Your face is all I see, Your voice
all I hear.