Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stuck in a room

stuck in a room where no light shines
all i see is darkness, faint ghostly outlines.
I see you sometimes, maybe just your eyes.
But mostly Its just the sound of cold, cruel lies.
I feel no warmth around me,
No words of comfort in this place.
just an outline of what once was your face.
True, the world changes in many degrees.
like the endless, Vast seas.
But how could you be so right, and so wrong so fast?
all that is gone, long since past.
Still I'm hear, in this darkened room. Trapped, unfeeling...
So many memories to forget, But remembering seems so easy.
Green as grass, so grey are my skies.
So easy now, remembering your lies?
So go away and leave me here. forevermore alone.
Its much bleaker here, remembering your face.
so I close my eyes, and forget.
Yes, forget.

this was purely something that popped in my head. When something comes to me, It goes down on paper. I know its a little different, but hey I'm not gonna argue with calliope.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Roller Coasters

Wrote this Last October.

Its funny how you are waiting for something for a month or more, halloween, birthdays, christmas. And then when its over, such a short day, you think, wow. its finally happened. its over. and then you have to wait an entire year for it to come again. so what makes it so exiting? (at least for me) is it the anticipation itself we crave? is it not really about the holiday, but the days spent looking forward to it and planning? or am i just a freak who likes dressing up and getting free candy from strangers, when theres actually probably a high chance of getting food poisoning or anthrax? i dont know. Its the same feeling of a roller coaster. waiting in the line for 30 minutes, just thinking about how fun its going to be when you actually get on it, and then when your the very nearest to the front, thinking, its here! its finally here, than, in one split second, you are boarded on and you finally get to go on the 2 minute ride you waited a half an hour for. did you actually ride it for the roller coaster? or did you just ride it to say you did, or did you just subconsciously like the line? (and of coarse, theres always the option of ive eaten to much candy and am probably blabbing about god knows what) its the same thing with all the musicals and plays im in. you spend hour after hour, cramming the same song down your throat untill you think your head is going to burst if you ever here it again, than bam. after a few times of performing it, its gone. over. never again, will you sing it with the force of the entire cast, it will always be you, and those few of your friends, remembering when you were all doing this together. . that when you think 'geez. i miss this. all of us, when we didn't have to be broken up by our stupid disagreements, when we could all be friends and not matter what click to get into' Ok, now I'm on a completely different subject, but bare with me.
Seriously. why does the passage of time have to make us better or worse friends? why is it that, a month, a week, a year, and a friendship is gone as if it never existed? why cant people laugh as if no time had passed. why cant time make friendship stronger, not weaker. sometimes it does. but remember, when you first meat someone, and your trying to be as nice as possible, so you don't lose them before you become to close to ever lose, but then, when there one of your best friends, you feel it dosnt matter what you say or act around them, how what ever you do, you cant lose them, because there to close to lose, well, you can. in a blink of an eye, a friendship can be gone, withered and broken. well, im getting very ranty here, so i will say goodbye.