Wednesday, September 3, 2008

princess of Ice

something old I wrote in I believe July that has been floating around the world of my Myspace for a while.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was so afraid of life that she locked herself in a tower made of Ice, so no one could disturb her.
One day a prince came riding by in his horse and seeing her fell instantly in love. He could not of course get into the tower, or she down. so he stayed at the bottom, looking up at her for days. The prince loved her so much that finally his great love melted the tower and she fell lightly into his arms. Joy filled both their hearts and they set a wedding date.
But since the princess had spent so much time in the tower, she'd forgotten what it was to feel things and knew hardly anything of life. She had no clue what this powerful emotion was inside of her and fearing illness she put her love in a bottle and threw it into the deepest trench of the ocean. Now however she was emptier then ever and passed each day lifeless and cold. The prince Hated seeing her in this state, so he swam to the very bottom of the ocean and retrieved her bottled love. Delighted, They re-set the wedding date and continued their blissful happiness.
But once again the princess cried and couldn't comprehend the emotions of this world, so she gave her heart to a migrating bird who flew across the world with it. Horrified, the princess slipped into a trance like sleep and couldn't wake. The prince, out of love for her journeyed many years but eventually found her heart again. On returning, the princess still wouldn't wake. even when he returned her heart to her body, she was still as stone. exausted and tear filled, the prince Gave up.
He couldn't feel anything.
Not the love her once saw in her, but nothing.
Mile after mile,
empty empty empty.
She awoke at last but looking at the prince discovered Him a changed man. With her heart returned, she finally had time top discover that this feeling was love and was actually quite ordinary in this world. But now she had no prince and wished for him like the air she breathed. She lived unhappily for a while In her tower once more. But now she discovered how cold it was. How brutally freezing ice is, and how she longed for the warm arms of her prince. so she herself set out on a long journey, Looking for the prince's lost love. Many Years she searched, under ever crack and crevice. She parted the clouds, searched every rain drop and every grain of sand. But alas she could not find it. The princess cried salty tears, and cupping them in her hands noticed something odd. each tear glowed, warm and friendly. And she felt something... Love. The prince had left his love in her, where she could keep it forever from harm. Joyfully, she returned home and kissed the prince, reuniting him once again with his love.
And then, they lived happily ever after.