Wednesday, September 3, 2008


do you ever think about breathing? Just hot air, in....out... how simple and peaceful the process is. How easy it is, how we would die if we couldn't? And then, all the unnecessary things we do that give us a reason to live, not just a way to. I breathe. I sing. I am. I live, in this cluttered and busy world. My thoughts are sometimes swallowed up by it, I admit. Sometimes I want to just STOP. take out my remote control, pause it and think. It goes so fast, so blurred. you don't have time to catch it. in ancient Rome they believed time was a string, and each person had a string that the fates would cut when it was time for your life to end. But frankly, how this can be as simple as a string I am mystified. More like a web, an endless web vast and bigger then the earth.poor fates, so busy they must be searching for the right string to cut. How do we know they don't make mistakes? Maybe they do. Does it ever shock you, how you are breathing the same air that thousands of years worth of others breathed before you? It's all been done. It's ALL been done. So why are we still here? What is our purpose? To breathe? Take a breather. Soft, hot air. In, out....

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