Thursday, July 17, 2008


wrote this a while ago and am quite happy of how it turned out. However Cain was right, It should be sung by a guy. I'm not happy with how it sounds on my voice (positively dreadful)

And I walk by… and the same face greets me.
Every time.
Every time. I'm sick of wishing, I hadn't left.
Sick of wishing, I hadn't broken our promise.

I feel like I've fallen off the earth
And now I'm crawling to rebirth
Empty as nothing with no one to hold,
Is someone who's wishing life wasn't
So damn cold.

And I see you again, same old you.
Same old me. But you and me isn't you and me,
Like we used to be. Its just a boy. Just a girl
Just a wish. Just a world.

I feel like I've fallen off the earth,
and now I'm crawling to rebirth.
Empty as Nothing with no one to hold,
Is turning a blind eye, to everything that's real.
Someone who's wishing, I could just feel.

You are the you are the morning, We were the day,
I was the nighttime, that threw it away. That ended
Us quickly, tore it apart. Feeling this empty hole,
That used to be a heart.

I feel like I've fallen, off the earth,
And now I'm crawling to my rebirth.
Empty as nothing, with no one to hold.

Dark like forever, eternity of this.
Blinding my ears, learning to try. Tying my mouth.
And hoping to fly, letting go, feeling bliss.
Undergo, another twist. This is just nothing,
I am just this. So let forever be, forever of regret, nothing
To hide. Losing the sunshine, falling behind. I am regret,
And I am eternity. I am forever, and I am bliss. I am nothing,
But sunshine at night. I am nothing, without you holding me tight.

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