Thursday, August 14, 2008

You can love some one and not have them love you back

"You can love some one and not have them love you back"
12 words that some up whats wrong with the world. I was browsing the web when I saw this statement in response to someone's yahoo answers question, and I just about stopped breathing. How sadly, sadly true it is. It makes you want to scream in that there is no changing this. You can love someone so much, more then the world itself. You can tear yourself apart, every day thinking about them. you can loose sleep wishing, desperately wishing they knew. You can cry yourself dry. But It wont change a damn thing. Because, you can love some one and not have them love you back. Or, you can both love each other, and no one ever says anything. You can both feel it, beautiful and pure. Love. But be so silent about it, the other mistakes it for hate. When you love someone you need to be assured, every moment that the other person loves you in order to be truly happy. But If that doesn't happen, you fall apart. Like pieces of a puzzle, You cannot seem to bring yourself back together unless the loved one takes the time to find every matching piece. It's so frustrating, how painful it is. And how many times it's happened. To so many different people.

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